America’s Great Migration Story


Millions of Americans trace their family story to the Cumberland Valley.  In the 18th century, our ancestors flowed into the valley fleeing poverty, persecution, and war in Europe. Here they met Native Americans with their own unique cultures and values.  These settlers fought the French and Indian War and protected the frontier during the American Revolution. This great valley became the pathway west as settlers pushed the frontier into the Ohio Valley and across the plains of America’s heartland and beyond.  In the decades before the Civil War, African Americans fleeing slavery via the Underground Railroad found freedom here.  Lee’s troops marched through the valley on their way to bloody conflict in Gettysburg.  Thousands of Native Americans from across the country were enrolled at the Carlisle Indian School.  In the 20th century, the Cumberland Valley was a pathway for servicemen and women to the European theaters of WWI and WWII. Students from all over the world came to attend our fine educational institutions and study military strategy and leadership at the Army War College.

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