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Our ancestors sought a place to live in dignity and to fulfill a dream.
For centuries, Pennsylvania’s
Cumberland Valley was a pathway toward this dream.
You will find your family story at the
Cumberland Pathways conference in Carlisle, PA.

The Cumberland County Historical Society (CCHS), the Army Heritage Center Foundation, the Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau, Dickinson College, and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania offer you the opportunity to explore your family history at Cumberland Pathways, October 20-22, 2017 in beautiful and historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  These institutions are home to unique archives and special collections.  During Cumberland Pathways, experts will provide guidance for your own family research and present the latest in genealogy trends.  Conference topics will range from preserving what you know to using DNA to unlock your family’s mysteries.

Millions of Americans trace their family story to the Cumberland Valley. They left clues to their life experiences.  You can find them in the Cumberland Valley’s rich genealogical treasures.  More than 250 years of social, cultural, political and military history are protected and preserved here. Our archives house documents that you will find nowhere else.  CCHS, USAHEC, and Dickinson College have led the way in the digitization of family records and the creation of oral history archives.  Your family’s story will come alive during Cumberland Pathways and you will leave inspired by our expert speakers and workshops.

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