Your Family Story

Every family story is different. How your story reads affects the person that you are. It did not start the year you were born. Your story is a continuation, a new chapter, in a story that began years before you officially came into being. The characters in these earlier chapters were your ancestors. Like you, they had dreams and disappointments. They fell in love, worked at jobs they enjoyed or perhaps at times hated. They had flaws and strengths. (Every family tree is made up of saints and sinners.) They were affected by historic events sometimes out of their control. How they reacted to these events not only determined the course of their own life journey but may have set the stage for future generations. Their children and their children’s children may be blessed or continue to suffer because of their decisions.

Your ancestors left clues behind that tell us about their lives. The experts at Cumberland Pathways know how to find these clues. Once found, our experts can help you interpret them. You may learn to appreciate your ancestors, maybe even love them. Or, you may regret their actions and question their judgement. In the process, you may understand yourself a little better. That is the joy and the power of tracing your family’s story.

Check out the family history focus group along with others at Cumberland Pathways, examine the Schedule (PDF) to find the session that will help you break through in your research, and Register Now to take the next step in learning about your family story.

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